Sharing the Wealth

What a fun day! Shareholder Chris came over to play on the farm, to help with the chores, and to visit with me for Episode 3 of our Farm Podcast. (Listen here.) She proved herself quite adept at all of those things. She fed the chickens, the sheep and the alpacas, and even got the privilege of shoveling some alpaca poo into the compost bin. We roll out the red carpet here at Jacob's Reward, make no mistake.

A bit later, but in time to join in on the podcast fun, new shareholder Carol dropped in as well and contributed greatly to our third episode. (But she got away before I could snap her picture.) And these gals say they will be back tomorrow to get going on their drop spindles! It should be a lovely day, perhaps beginning with some more lovely rain. Last night's overnight storm dropped the temperatures into the Bearable range, and everybody said, "AMEN."

If you're coming to spin with us on Saturday morning, remember we're collecting yarn from the overflow of your stash bounty to be re-gifted to those knitters who find themselves in financial straights in these tough economic times. Dig though the closets and bins and see if any of your long-forgotten yarn would like to see the world and go YARN STORMING.

Mon-yana, friends!


  1. Those alpacas are just the cutest!!

  2. it looks like i will have transportation in a little over a week and then...


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