Sprinkler Time

When it's this hot, there's only one way to get relief: run through the sprinkler. You believe that, don't you? Admit it. It was one of the best things about summer vacation as a kid. OK, the ice cream man was better, but not by much.

The little Suri alpacas are just learning about the joys of the sprinkler. Dewey is old enough to have gotten squirted last summer, and he really likes it, but the other boys are too young and think that the hose is a big scary alpaca-eating snake, or something.

Today I decided it was just too hot for all of them NOT to get wet, so I worked them into a corner of the pen and squirted away. "Hmmm," they thought. "Nobody ate me!" You could see the wheels turning. "That feels pretty good! Hey, me first!"


  1. You've got some really smart boys there!
    ME NEXT!!

  2. As if they didn't look bedraggled enough already! They really look like drowned rats after the hose treatment! But they're lots more comfortable and that's what counts ;-)

  3. OOOH, fun! Do you think they will remember how nice and cool it feels, or will you have to reinvent the wheel each time to convince them that the hose is not going to kill them?


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