Spin, Span, Spun

Ah, bliss. Two of my favorite things converged yesterday - cool weather and spinning. I realize "cool" is a relative term, and after a couple of weeks of 100+ temperatures, 89 felt like sweater weather. But we'll take it.

Chris, Peggy, and Kate were able to come by to spin yesterday in the Red Barn, and it was the usual blast. Peggy brought her darling Wee Peggy spinning wheel and continued working on her Jacob roving, doing a wonderful job! Chris had some pretty fiber of unknown heritage that had been dyed with cochineal and yellow madder that looked like flickering flames - beautiful! Kate worked on some really cool recycled jeans fiber that still had plenty of the soft indigo dye to give it a beautiful color. She spun tiny little singles on her tiny supported tahkli spindle - very cool, and fascinating to watch.

Peggy's antique Wee Peggy wheel needed a little adjustment, so Kate and I tried to sleuth out any mechanical troubles. In the end we all held our mouths right and the Peggys were back on track and spinning and plying up a storm.

I went back to work on my cotton rug, knowing that I will have more cotton to deal with later in the week - Laurie got us in on a killer sale at Webs for some coned cotton, so I'm already working on project plans for that. It has been suggested that I knit a house with it. Maybe they think I ordered a lot. Hmmmm.

Thanks to Chris, we have a large beginning on our Yarn Storming stash. Let me know if you'd like to contribute and I'll hold off mailing the goodies to our coordinator. We've also learned of a need for lots of old acrylic yarn (any color at all is fine) for a lady suffering with Alzheimers, whose only peace comes from crocheting granny squares and doilies. She's going through the stuff at a dizzying pace and it's hard on her family to keep her supplied. Also, if you can think of anything her family can do with all those squares, let me know and I'll pass it along. If you have any yarn to donate, old or new, please drop me a line.

For your calender, our next spin-in will be August 15 at the Red Barn. Love to see you!


  1. And what is that UFO on the triangle loom? ;-)

  2. Heh, that wasn't even my yarnstorming haul, it was courtesy of my friend Aubyn! I will be going through my stash and adding a lot to the yarnstorm box soon, I'm sure.

    Had a great time, and I'm so, so glad to find out that my (yet unnamed) wheel fits in the backseat of my car without having to disassemble it.

    Lemme see what I can do about the Acrylic Situation . . .


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