Wet Alpaca Contest

Today wasn't as hot as it has been, but any warm day is a good day for a frolic in the sprinkler. First the suri boys vie for the hose, and remember, these are the same alpacas who used to run terrified to the far end of the pen. Then we turn the water on the big huacaya boys, who take a few minutes away from their food pans for some liquid refreshment. (Jonah and Gideon resist the siren call, and continue eating undisturbed.) Finally, we see the Buff Orpingtons call it a day and head for the safety of the "tractor." Soundtrack provided by 2.3 million really loud cicadas.

There are still a couple of months of summer left, but I have the feeling that the fight has gone out of it. And that has me thinking ahead to fall. Once we get into September, the opportunities for fiber festivals and craft fairs and farm events explode, so I want you to be ready. Check your calendar and see if you can join us for any of these upcoming outings:

August 15 – Spinning in the Red Barn*

September 5 – Farmersville Art Festival

September 19 – Spinning in the Red Barn*

September 20 - Bishop Arts District Peace Festival

September 26-27 – Alpaca Farm Crawl*

October 17 -- "Spinning Yarns" Storytelling Day at the Farm*

October 24-25 – Huffhines Art Trails, Richardson

November 7-8 - Snowflake Bazaar - Plano

November 13-15 – Kid N Ewe, Boerne

November 20-21 – Cat Bordhi at the Woolie Ewe in Plano

Events with an asterisk will be held here at the farm, and the others are events where the farm may be a participant. Not all of those off-site events are set in stone for us yet.

So, while it's too hot to think about the holidays this minute, get your rest, because the Fall is Coming!


  1. Amazing how quickly the new guys came around to the wonders of the hose! :)

    I'm not so sure the fight has gone out of summer just yet . . . mother nature loves to lull us into thinking the Hot is mostly over and then smacking us with a big ol' September heat wave!

  2. I can dream, can't I, Chris??


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