All Around Glorious Day

The third Saturday of the month is Spinning Day at the Red Barn here at Jacob's Reward. This morning we managed to seat nine lovely ladies comfortably with spindles, knitting needles, or wheels. (I think the Red Barn is sort of like Dr. Who's phone booth sometimes - not sure how it's done.) And we proceeded to have a blast. Shareholder Carol got here first and treated the chickens to a feast of raspberries and raisins. They will watch for her arrival from now on. Then Farm Aunties Chris and Mary pulled in, and Laurie, Brenda and sister Donna, Rita, Gracia, and Kate!
We got Carol spinning on a spindle - she is one intense lady! She was so focused that she needed to take frequent breaks and stretch her fingers! But her yarn is coming along beautifully! Yay! Another spinner is born! Mary, aka Grandmatutu, is spinning nicely as well, but she has to be careful of her shoulder. Good thing everyone always has yarn to knit on when the hands need something familiar and comfortable!

Lots of the gals brought yarn for our Yarn Storming project, with Chris digging the deepest into her stash to gift knitters less fortunate--three large garbage bags full! We all did a little swapping around in the bags and still ended up with what will be a really big box of goodies to send up to New York.

Laurie never seems to come to the barn without her signature to-die-for quiche, which fed the crowd, supplemented by Rita's chips and Carol's melon slices. Total Nom-Fest.

Into the afternoon, we ventured out to visit the critters, and Carol had apples and carrots for the pigs - I mean alpacas. Mr. Gizmo helped himself to the largest share of the treats, and the chickens stayed busy picking up what fell on the ground.

The time together with fiber in hand was spent in wonderful conversation as our little community bonded in even more meaningful ways. If you haven't been to the Barn yet for a spinning day, please plan to be with us next month, on September 19!

I didn't get any updates on our Cormo ewe. I left a couple of messages for the Animal Control Officer, so we're just having to wait.... tick... tick.... tick.... I'll post here as soon as I know something definite.


  1. Oh Cindy! That was absolutely, positively, without a doubt, -- Way too much fun!! I came home with so much energy and Joy! What a sweet group of ladies, and who would have known that the Little Red Barn is like the clown car..... I came home and went through my tiny stash and now I have some to send with the "storm". You are such a gift!

  2. Here, here!! I second that totally, Laurie. I felt so lucky and blessed to be in the company of so many divine ladies. Thank you all for making my day!!

  3. Cindy,

    Found a great photo I think you will like. I agree that it would make a great valentine day card :

  4. Oh, Carol, that picture almost looks like our little suri boys! White and small and smooshable! Thanks for the link!

    Hey, Grandma - I think I have your sunglasses!!

  5. Yeah . . . I thought I probably left them on the table. I'll get them next time I get out your way . . . maybe I'll come out Saturday and help cleanup that wool you sheered today.


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