Another Week Ahead - August Begins

I had a really nice weekend. How about you? If you heard the podcast (post below) you know Mary and I had a failed trip to pick up her two angora wethers, which was a bummer, but we also got a really fun visit in the process. Mary also had the excitement of having her trailer stuck in the mud and then finally extracted. Farm life is seldom boring.

This week here at the farm we're starting to think Back to School thoughts. I'm preparing for a new rhythm that will come with the start of the school year - lots more hours alone at home every week to work on farm stuff. Just me, ten sheep, seven alpacas, 25 (or so) chickens, a cat and a dog hanging out, growing fiber and producing eggs. And once the new rhythm is in full swing, it will be high time to produce some finished goods for the upcoming craft fairs and booths. And Christmas gift knitting. I'd better get my list going and check my stash. Then there are all the fun events on the farm calendar for the fall...

Speaking of finished items, I just finished the baby hat I started for not-yet-born Baby Jemma, pictured above. We expect her to come in the next couple of weeks, and then she needs to grow some by winter in order for this hat to fit.

It's silly for me to be waiting expectantly for cooler weather, since it's just now August, but I feel like a sprinter waiting for the high temps to dip below 80 - that's when my productivity explodes off the blocks and I start chalking up some serious accomplishments. Some of my goals:

Halter work with the alpacas
Cleaning up the garden (I mean it)
Progressing on the patio in front of the Red Barn
Getting Christmas presents made
Having the fiber long gone to the processor
Cleaning up the ratty areas of the property (you know the ones...)
Getting into a workout habit
Starting the next batch of laying hens
And more...

Do you have big plans for the fall? Can we help encourage each other?


  1. that is such a cute wee hat!

  2. Okay, next time I'm there, I want to understand the hat better. It seems to glow.


  3. LOL, it's nothing special, Carol. The yarn is a little fuzzy, and the way the light hits my kitchen cabinet makes it look like a glow, but it's really just my undercabinet lights plus a flashlight shining on the front so that I didn't have to use the flash. I have seen glow-in-the-dark yarn, but this isn't it ;-).


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