Beam Us Up, Scotty

Y'know, as spinners we get a lot of questions about our craft, partially because it's such a primitive art - taking wool off of sheep, cleaning and carding it, sometimes dyeing it, and then spinning it into yarn we could much more easily buy at Walmart. Why do people go to such trouble using such outdated technologies? Because we LIKE it. But using primitive technology doesn't rule out the mastery of space-age technology by the same talented people.

Today's spinning get-together is a perfect example.

One of our long-time members is spending time at her mountain home in Colorado, but we miss her and like to share what we're doing with her. Now, we could use old school methods like e-mail and Yahoo groups to keep up, but we're so far past that.... Today, we cracked open a fresh can of VIDEO iCHAT! Thanks to the wonders of the internet and Apple computers, we just clicked a few buttons and VOILA, we could see and talk to Terri on our little MacBook screen. (Cue the Close Encounters theme.) Each of us was able to walk up to the laptop and show off our latest creations or toys and get the requisite "oohs" and "aaahhs" from Terri. She, in turn, swivelled her laptop around so that we could enjoy seeing her new cabin, deck, and the surrounding woods of her mountain retreat.

This ain't your momma's e-mail. It felt like Princess Leia calling Obi Wan Kenobi for help, especially when seen from behind the screen. Well, see for yourself:

Terri sits on her deck in Colorado and chats on her Mac laptop.

Marlene shows off her handmade "antique" doll.

Liz shows Terri her cool new Zephyr interchangeable needle set.

Kate shows off her gorgeous new woven scarf.

Joanne holds up her wonderful hand- and machine-knit shawl.

Terri-in-a-box. Sort of. It was wicked good fun, friend! We'll see you next week!


  1. Terri7:56 AM

    We are a multi-faceted group. From ancient craft to modern tech, we've got it covered! Enjoyed seeing all of you and thanks Cindy for setting it up. It was great fun!


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