Esther's in Rehab

DD helped me catch up Queen Esther this morning so that we could apply the first of several suggested remedies for her sore foot. Her enforced wellness program began in earnest with a lovely iodine nail soak, and some ointment for the clipper nicks on her butt. Except for me having to bend over for an extended period of time during the soak, the operation was happily uneventful. I think she's beginning to settle down. Later I was happy to see that her appetite has improved and she's not nearly as concerned about me hanging around while she eats. That's good. Having the other piggy sheep crowd around me for their chow is also helpful.

Tomorrow we'll step up the treatment to include an iodine ointment wrapped in purple Vet-Rap (DD picked the color) and see how long she can keep it on. I understand contact with the anti-bacterial agent is part of a successful cure. I have ordered another ointment with a different active ingredient, and a blue rubber boot to keep the ointment on the foot and away from the sheep. The Queen will have the only blue rubber sheep boot in this zip code, I'll wager. If she resists the designer footwear, I will remind her that we have to suffer for beauty (and health).

And I will be sending for my on-line vet degree when treatment is complete.


  1. So much for a "free" sheep! She's a cutie though. I'm glad the city people knew where to take her where she'd be loved (after getting sprung from sheep prison of course). And I'm glad to hear she is settling down and eating more. I wonder when the last time she had a regularly scheduled meals was? (And, I like her name. Queen Esther was always my favorite. Maybe that's because I always got to play her in the Purim play when I was growing up?)

  2. Free - that's always the joke, isn't it? But so far, she's still much cheaper than a registered Cormo sheep would have been!

    I also have a Mordecai - my first Gulf Coast Native wether. Pretty soon, we'll be able to do a Purim play with sheep! But I'd rather not have a sheep named Haman! Baaaad attitude.

  3. Cindy, what a gorgeous face she has, and my, what lovely nails, Maaaaaaam.
    Great work, my Shepherdess Friend!!

  4. Good choice on the color Emma....Purple is a royalty color!!!
    I am glad to read that she has settled down a little. A few more days and she will be right at home. (And can I add....what a WONDERFUL place to call home!!)


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