Fall Fauna

Not much new around the farm today. I do hope it's the last really hot day for a while. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow afternoon which will drive the temps down all next week. That will rock.

I am seeing signs of the seasons changing: hummingbirds are beginning their migration south, to follow the warm weather. We have had hummers all spring and summer, but they are particularly thick in the Autumn Sage, Flame Acanthus and Turk's Cap right now. Wish I could be in the right place at the right time to get a photo. Harumph.
It's also time for the Monarch butterflies to begin moving through in big bunches. They are visiting our Blue Mist Flower in greater numbers, and will be thick through September.

And today I noticed this long-legged insect visitor to the garden:This Praying Mantis was enjoying a good hunt through the pink petaled Pavonia. I hope he found what he was looking for.


  1. Awww, cool!

    We didn't get our hummer feeder up in time this year; will try again in spring. Also! I didn't know it was Monarch Time already . . . it always catches me by surprise. At work there is a big patch of Abelia and Mexican Sage that the Monarchs love . . . in several years I've been lucky enough to catch sight of the swarms of them that come through.

  2. Did you know if you put the hummingbird syrup in a red lid, like the lid from a peanut butter jar, and hold it in your hand, hold your hand out and be really still for several minutes, the hummingbirds will come eat out of your hand? It's true! I've done at my best friend's mom's house in Glen Rose. It HAS to be something red and you do have to be patient. It was fun.


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