Farm Podcast - Episode 4 - Best Laid Plans

Part of my promised offering:
Take a listen!

Still to come: Yesterday's blog post....


  1. Whenever you need directions to some of the smaller East Texas locations, give me a call. My dad is in Mineola, grew up in Gladewater and Longview, and my mom is from Mabank. So we tend to take long drives on days I'm visiting (or on Sunday's if there isn't good golf on). So give me a shout when Google is not very helpful.

    Carol Waller

  2. WiFi access:
    Starbucks - if you have a starbucks card, and you buy $5/month at Starbucks, then your access is free for two hours each day.
    This is AT*T and fairly secure.

    McDonald's - you need a code. This is less secure since each location decides how it is configured. The code you can get from the counter. So if you use this one, don't enter passwords, don't do bank or credit card anything. Just email. And make sure you are actually loggin on the legimate site since there usually is a 'honeypot' at these places to try and steal info.

    Barnes and Nobles has finally made their wifi free. Again, no bank/credit card/financial inforamtion. Don't use these unless you are comfortable with the information becoming publicly available.

    Krogers has free wifi in their cafeteria area.

    But if it is free, and they don't ask for a code, these are the LEAST secure so don't do much at those sites.

    (sorry, computer security geek - Carol Waller)

  3. Thanks, Carol! Both for the Rand McNally help and also for the computer advice -- all very good! Having wireless at the house makes me forget that outside of my own security settings and firewall, that things can be sinister! Very good reminder.

  4. Great job on the podcast guys! Mary's trials bring back lots of memories of a newbie in the country. At least I had my country raised husband as a guide!


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