In the Company of Women

Today I experienced a bunch of BFF love here on the farm and beyond. Early this morning my friend and our shareholder, Linda, showed up on my doorstep with a big bowl of home made bean soup. She had made extra, and thought of me and my culinary challenges, and brought over a big batch to save me some time and worry about what to feed the family. Is that awesome, or what? What a generous act of kindness! Thank you, Linda - we'll enjoy it in very good health!

Then, after giving a farm tour to some folks who are interested in someday having sheep and fiber in their lives, I went down the road to Paca D'Lites Alpaca Ranch to spin with a wonderful group of fiber friends. Paca D'Lites is the home of Cyndi Daugherty, a machine knitter and wonderful alpaca pal of mine. She hosts this cool bevy of women on Thursdays for some fiber time and a fantastic everybody-pitches-in chicken taco salad lunch. (Secret ingredients: coconut, raisins, and pecans.) Oh yeah. We talked and ate, and spun and knitted. I made some headway on filling up the bobbin of the Indian Head Spinner. That thing holds a couple pounds of yarn, I bet.

I got home in time to do a round of animal feeding and tidying. I found these three Buff Orpingtons trying to lay their egg in the same nest box. One gal was forced into the neighboring nest box, but wasn't happy about it. These girls travel around the farm together in a buff-colored knot, hunting bugs and squawking together. They are the very definition of "old biddies." What would they do without each other?

Sometimes they exasperate us, but mostly, we couldn't live without our girlfriends. Thank YOU, friend, for being part of my life and contributing to the joy!


  1. And That's what I'm talking about! It's the people in our lives who matter. And the sheep and the alpacas and the chickens and the dogs and the cats.... Thank YOU, friend!

  2. What a great post! And I'm totally with ya -- girlfriends are the BEST! Somewhere I have a great essay that one of my longtime girlfriends gave me; if I can rustle it up, I'll send it to ya.

    The chicken picture is hilarious -- you can see the frustration on their chickeny faces.

  3. Ahhh! My morning coffee and my escape to Jacobs Reward Farm!! Thank you Cindy for your wonderful blog....I love reading it in this big concrete building surrounded by concrete!!! Hugs!!!

  4. I just looked at those chickens again. It looks for all the world like they are singing.


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