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Queen Esther was folded into the flock today. I checked her feet one last time, found them hard and healed, and turned her out with the rest of the sheep. She hadn't limped for a several days, and she was in obvious distress anytime the flock wandered out of her line of sight, so I decided the time had come. Anticipating some getting-to-know-you headbutts between the Queen and the other sheep, I had the camera running. It turned out to be a non-event. (Good thing, too, because just a few seconds into my video, the memory card filled up and the camera shut down.)

I guess because all the sheep had touched noses through the fence panels for a while, they didn't feel like a total stranger was moving in. They sniffed a bit and went about their business. I think with time, she'll be one of the group as much as any of the other sheep. She is still shy around them and is off a little by herself. Once, I caught her looking through the north fence at all the green grass in the next lot, perhaps pondering how to resume her vagabond life on the open road. I hope not. I hope she has plenty of reason to plant stakes and happily become one of the spoiled rotten fiberbearers of Jacob's Reward Farm.

Inside the house, it was another productive day. Tidied up dishes, laundry, vacuuming, scoured the bathroom, animal chores, published a really fun podcast, washed Jacob wool and a big skein of handspun yarn. At one point, I heard Shadrach bellowing out in the pasture. This isn't, of itself, something I usually drop everything for, but then the dog started barking. I decided to look outside to see if there really was anything to be squawking about, and I noticed Shadrach with his head stuck in the creekside fence. Again. He hasn't done that since he was a baby. So I grabbed my gloves and went to pry him out of the fence. I'm glad he's such a crybaby. It has saved his life more than once. I am definitely going to have to replace that wire with fencing with smaller holes. If there's a way for a sheep to get hurt out in that pasture, Shad will figure it out. It's one of his gifts.

Making a little progress on my mosaic knitting hat pattern. I rewarded myself today with jobs done in the house by knitting a round or two on this really fun hat. It's so cool, my daughter says she might like to have it when I'm finished! How about that?

Also found a really fun knitting podcast: Here's to Ewe, with a couple of neat young gals who live in Las Vegas. This link is to their blog, which will take you to their podcast. This podcast thing is addicting. My iPod is becoming one with my ears... But I can quit anytime. Or not.


  1. Err, I hope you don't mind. I popped this story of Ester and this post out to StumbleOn just because I am still so blown away by her finding you. Might bring in a few hits, but I wanted to let a few others see it. Hope that isn't a probem.


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