Jumpin' Alpacas!

OK, let's get this right out in the open. My kid rocks. She has totally figured out how to shoot and edit video on this MacBook, and navigate the whole YouTube thing. The only thing she's still learning about is copyright laws.

This afternoon, she wanted to put Gizmo over some obstacles and take video of it. (A very constructive use of her free summer time!) I had her hose him off to be sure he was cool enough for the exercise and told her to have at it. She took some really funny video, and even caught Moonstruck doing some volunteer jumping. Then she got our Corgi Robbie into the action. She edited the whole thing into a hysterical video, complete with audio soundtrack that really made the piece. Unfortunately, YouTube figured out that she used the music without permission and stripped off the audio track. Guess it's better than going to jail. But you really can't appreciate her hard work without the song that she had with it.

In any case, it is really fun video, and I knew you'd enjoy seeing it. So, while you watch, hum something really fast and peppy and goofy. Maybe later we can find some public domain music, but for now, you'll need to use your imagination.

NOTE: Maybe you don't have to imagine it - when I play the embedded video, the music plays. Hmmmm. Well, enjoy! (Don't tell YouTube.)


  1. Very cool. Talent shows up very young these days, doesn't it. Your DD should continue to expand her repretorie, I mean she has some 'captive' actors. But she handled them well and they all seemed to have fun.


  2. Good job Emma! That is great. I especially like where she included Robbie walking under the sticks. Very creative!

    Here's a link to some royalty free music I've used. Just have Emma read his usage notes on how to credit him. I like it because you can search by "feel" of the music.

  3. http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html

  4. Very clever! I especially liked the chicken trying to get in on the act.


  5. Laurie10:06 AM

    That is Hilarious! I, being a soccer video person, myself, have great appreciation for editting!! YOU GO, Emma!!! I loved all of it! The chicken was funny...and Robbie ducking under the jump. The forward/backward stuff was well timed! Thanks!

  6. It is a fantastic video!! Love it, love it, love it!!! Watching it made me want to jump with you guys! And the chicken....LOL!!!
    Good work Emma!!!

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Great job, Emma! Very cute. Now she needs to master Garage Band and make her own musicc!

  8. hey, i protest! the chicken did get listed in the credits or the other alpaca...that's not fair. they are supporting cast! some one should talk to the screen actors guild or the spca or some one...translation...i loved it and so sorry the music got stripped.

  9. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Very funny! Love it. Sorry the music was stripped...perhaps if we remember when I'm over next, I can see it, music and all!

    I particularly liked the chicken...she comes out to see what's going on, only to scamper out of the way rather quickly when Emma and Gizmo come back over! Cute.

  10. That is FANTASTIC! I can't hear the music, but in my head was the music from Benny Hill.

    Also, either Gizmo is getting really good with being haltered and led, or Emma is the Alpaca Whisperer!


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