Little Suris Leaving the Nest

On this hot summer afternoon, Mary and Ken Berry came down from Farmersville to pick up their little alpaca boys and take them finally to their real home. Haltering them was a little bit of work, just because they haven't had enough experience yet. But we gave them a farewell squirt with the hose to make their ride a little more comfortable, and with a little coaxing (ok, and some lifting) they made it into the trailer, and were off down the road.

Boaz and Micah, left here alone in their little-boy paddock, seemed a bit confused and maybe a little forelorn - though I hate to anthropomorphize too much. In any case, I decided they needed a romp in the sprinkler, too, and Bo took advantage of the hose for a cool drink right from the source.

Still no word on the Cormo ewe. I hope there is good news tomorrow.


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