A Necessary Evil

That's right, I'm talking about housework.

I put off fibery pursuits today to drop back and deal with some tasks I've been neglecting for, oh, months. First, I cleared off the many geologic layers of papers and books and bits on the kitchen table, which we have been trying to ignore during meal times, but which, alas, finally had to be excavated and removed. Ah, we're back down to woodgrain.

Next, the grunge on the kitchen floor that has been mocking me and calling me all kinds of names got a good scrubbing with an orange oil cleaner that kicked its butt and left a fresh, Florida-like scent. Take that. Same treatment on the cabinet doors and handles. En garde!

I turned to the living room floor that I just vacuumed two days ago, but which already looks like the shearers used it for a staging area. I vacuumed aGAIN. And now, four hours later, the dog has left large fuzzy deposits on my nice clean carpet. I'm talking Handfuls of Fur-gobs. Maybe HE needs to be sheared.

All that, plus a couple of errands, while the lamb simmered in the crock pot. Remember Linda's bean soup? I combined slow cooked lamb with the rich, multi-flavored soup, and it smelled like I had been slaving over the stove all day. That's the effect I like to go for. Thanks again, Linda!

I guess I could have cleaned out the freezer and refrigerator, but why hurt myself? Best to pace the work, I always say. Tomorrow I'll take care of the last of the fiber picking, and bring that process to a close. I just can't wait to see our fiber turned into roving and yarn. The weather, as I predicted, is beginning to come down into the reasonable range for outdoor activity, so I will try to take advantage of that. The skirting table is set up and waiting.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Just got an e-mail tonight from Grady Ingle at Kid-N-Ewe: Jacob's Reward Farm will have a booth this year in Boerne! If you have plans to come, please stop by and see us! It's been several years since I got to attend KNE, and I'm really excited!


  1. I crossposted over at facebook that I'm planning to go to KidNEwe . . . you need/want any help in the booth?

    Also! You've inspired me to do some cleaning after my hours-long struggle with plying some really pretty handspun . . .

  2. I wanna see the handspun! (I'll trust you about the cleaning.)

    I'd love some help/company in the booth!


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