Shareholder Perk: Farm Sweat

Not everyone you know can say they spent their Saturday on a farm raking sheep and alpaca poo. It's just ONE of the many perks of shareholdership here at Jacob's Reward Farm.

Today I got lots of fun help from Grandmatutu and Kate on a job that is really the opposite of sexy or glamorous: cleaning up the pens, stalls and paddocks. Until we get the fence up in the north pasture, the sheep stuff stacks up in the paddock faster than it breaks down and it has to be removed. Fortunately the weather was as pleasant as it has been in recent weeks, and both of these precious shareholders offered to help me deal with it.

These ladies are hard workers and helped me make quite a bit of progress. The work goes quickly when you have congenial conversation and plenty of cool breaks in the Red Barn. Ms. Kate even helped me catch up QE for her daily iodine pedicure, and got to feel her fleece stubble. Softness defined. Kate agrees, next year's shearing will be enhanced by the addition of her Cormo goodness.

Thank you, ladies, so much!

And speaking of the Queen, our first aid supplies arrived yesterday. Now, fortunately, we won't be needing them, but they will give me peace of mind if we ever have a need arise. (I'm happy to report that her limp is much less noticeable today. I think the healing has begun.) Cool footwear, huh? DH says it looks like an ovine ski boot. For when sheep hit the slopes.


  1. I had no idea what a fashion statement I was making! May need to retire this look!


  2. Kate - that is the perfect "look" for what we were doing. I've seen you dressed up - you clean up real good! No sequins in the pasture!

  3. Terri9:16 PM

    Still can't believe people pay you to do this stuff! What a smart girl you are.

    Love the boot. Interesting the things we accumulate in our medical bags. I'm intrigued that treatment included a rubber boot. Would have thought the hoof would need air. Learn something new all the time!

  4. Terri - I don't think they pay me to do it so much as they are just lovely people willing to help out a friend. Lots of people enjoy the opportunity we take for granted to be near the animals and get some fresh air and exercise. I'm grateful to be the recipient of their kindness.

    The boot was going to be useful when we thought the culprit was Foot Rot - an infection that needs prolonged contact with the antibacterial agent... thus the boot. But since it's a simpler, less aggressive infection, dry is the way to go, and air is needed--you're right. So a daily dip in iodine for bug killing and then good old fresh air and sunshine are the cures.


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