Spa Day on the Farm

Time for a little Critter TLC today, despite the 90 degree weather. Or maybe because of it. The dog has been dropping hanks of hair all over the house, to the point that it's ridiculous to try to keep the place vacuumed. So I marched Mr. Robbie out into the yard for a little assisted shedding. This little rubber brush thing grabs the loose hair and pulls it out by the wad, in short order. I had to move Rob twice because we had worked up such a big pile all around him. Well, there's that much less hair that will end up on the carpet. The only problem is that once you get started, it's hard to stop. When do you know you're done? The hair just keeps coming. I finally got tired and quit. It looks like there was a bloodless, fuzzy massacre on the front lawn.

Then it was the alpacas' turn. I had been putting off toenail trims because it is so hot and I didn't want to stress them out. But DD's success with Gizmo the other day prompted me to give it a try. Maybe it would be too hot for them to object too strongly. DD helped me by holding onto the lead rope and keeping the 'paca positioned up against the fence. Most of them behaved pretty well, with only one or two arguments about who was going to have her way. Before I was done with four alpacas, my pruning shears were already getting dull and hard to manage. Not only do you have to cut through hard black toenail, but there's also lots of mud and, um, other stuff under those nails. Dulls the blades, I guess. I wish I could have gotten pictures, but all of our hands were full. Next time, I'll make sure I have a photographer. It can be quite entertaining for those not directly involved.

DD decided to spend some quality time with the layers after her riding lesson today. You know, chickens really have wonderful, funny personalities rattling around inside those little empty heads.


  1. LOVE the picture of Emma with the cluckers! And yeah, next time you need a photog for spa day, let me know -- I'll bring my camera out! :)

  2. We did the same to Marley today, found this great $20 brush, (it better be good), that really gets her undercoat out. I know, too bad you can't recycle the stuff that comes out of all that brushing. Poor dog, I'd hate to be wearing a rug in this heat!

  3. I love chickens - spent last weekend taking care of my friends chickens. Such lovely ladies!

  4. Cool if you could use your dog fiber to spin up a project. Facebook had some interesting examples. Eeeekkk . . . pretty weird, but sort of interesting. I'm sure Robbie looks beautimous . . . and feels much cooler.


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