Ta Da! Esther Revealed!

We did it. My new friend Sarah, and her mom Brenda, came this morning and helped us dig down under lots of dirty, matted, filthy wool to find our Queen Esther, and free her from those rags.

Several challenges made the job more difficult - my sheep stand is wonky, and I haven't gotten the new head stand fixed yet, which means we sort of have to tie the sheep into it. They don't really like that and it makes them grumpy and fidgety. Add to that the fact that Esther is a nervous, jumpy girl with a sore foot, and it's like trying to lasso popcorn. Next, clippers work best on clean wool, and this was the opposite of clean wool. The staggering variety of stuff stuck in that wool was impressive. She got a couple of nicks just because there was so much garbage to cut through, that occasionally, the clippers got too much. But nothing problematic.

Next we tackled her horrible feet. All of them were terribly overgrown, and one, the cause of the limp, was badly infected. We trimmed away all we could and dipped her foot in a bleach solution for a few minutes to try to kill some of the bacteria that are causing such pain and decay. (Not sure that would be the vet's solution, but it's what I had on hand.) I gave her a penicillin shot to help ward off the infection from the inside. This also means that I can't have her walking out in the pasture where the other sheep live because foot rot is terribly contagious. (Free sheep bring issues, have I mentioned that?) Her foot will need to be soaked every day for a week or so, and I will probably give another penicillin shot in a couple of days.

But that hot wool is off, and she can at least be cool. And we're working on getting her foot better so that pain should start to diminish.

Esther is clearly a project that will take time. If you think if it, send a little prayer up for QE, that her sicknesses abate and that her little heart can settle down and find a home here. Who knows what her life has been like so far? She isn't thin, thank goodness, but she has not been maintained well at all. Sarah thinks she's only about two years old, so she has lots of life ahead.


  1. Wow! Where have I been.... I know I caught the tail end of the lamb in jail at the animal shelter, but wow I just read her story!
    I must get caught up. Donna and I have had too much fun and not anytime for the internet!!!
    Queen Esther looks fabulous in her summer duds!! Much better! Her fur looks like dog bed stuffing...maybe!???

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Well thank goodness! That little sheep owes you her life! How wonderful that you have the heart to take her in. If only she could tell us her story. She looks just wonderful, and I know that you will do everything in your power to get that foot on the mend. Just some good food, and a feeling of safety, and some rest will no doubt help build up her immune system and put her on the road to healing. Amazing story! Your Parker police and Animal Control officer are to be commended for having the presence of mind to bring her to your place in the first place!

  3. she is so lovely. and with your care, i know she will be fine. i hope she learns to love and trust you and the farm quickly!


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