Too Hot to Breathe

We came home from brunch today to find all the sheep standing around the water cooler, and, funny thing, they didn't even try to look busy when we approached. That water bucket is in a little patch of afternoon shade, and there was no way they were leaving it, even to move to better shade. It was hot. Several of the sheep accepted face scritching and enjoyed a cool drink before I turned and headed into the air conditioned house.

Before you could say, "Have you seen the comics," DH had gone horizontal. I hosed off the alpacas and then got in a little nap time myself. Too hot to stay awake.

Now, of course, it's hard to go to sleep for the night. During evening chores, I pulled my back again, emptying water buckets, of all things. I have ice on it and am praying that I'm better by morning, because there will be a lot of hungry critters expecting their breakfast. Good thing I have DD still available to help when I really need her.

Interesting week ahead: Mary B. will come for her alpacas on Thursday, DD gets her middle school schedule on Friday, and we have another Very Cool Spinning Day on Saturday! If you want to learn to spin - COME! If you already know how to spin - COME!


  1. Awww, we must be back pain twins! At least you KNOW what you did to yours . . . I woke up on Sunday in a state of immobility and pain.

    I can't wait for Saturday!! I may not bring my wheel this time, 'cause I need the spindle practice, but I will definitely be there not square.

  2. Unfortunately, the back was worse this morning. Going to my osteopathic GP today. Last time I did this she popped my back into position and I was better almost immediately. Hoping for the same outcome today. I'll let you know.

    Ted had to feed everybody this morning. I hate being out of commission.

  3. I am so sorry that you hurt your back! My rib fracture is a little better and hopefully it will be better by Saturday! Donna will be in town too!


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