Up to Our Necks in Fiber

Wasn't it beautiful today? After a night of storm fronts blowing through with thunder and lightning and much-needed rain, the sun came out today and the air stayed cool and breezy. What better weather could we have ordered to get arm-pit deep in some gorgeous fiber?

Shareholder Laurie came out today to help us get our Yarn Storm yarn packed up and ready to mail to the YS coordinator in New York. We have our first box taped up and ready to go - it is full of treasures of every kind of luscious fiber known to yarn-kind: wool, alpaca, cotton, silk, bamboo, rayon and more. Good. Stuff. It will be winging its way up north soon, carrying our love and good wishes to as many recipients as the coordinator deems. Paying it forward, ladies. That's what you've done.

Then we turned our attention to the JRFF fiber harvest. Laurie and I re-inventoried the different fibers, colors and amounts of stuff that we have gotten clean and tidy, and I'm delighted to say that we might just make my goal of having the stuff ready to send off by the end of the month. We're very close - only a little bit of picking left to go, and as we see the blend combinations come together, I'm getting really excited to think about the rainbow of goodness that will be coming back to us! Our boys have done a wonderful job of growing fiber we'll enjoy spinning and knitting. Closer.... closer.... butter-soft rovings in fawn, brown, white, gray, and black. That's what I'm talking about.


  1. Oooooo, the fibers sound wonderful! That yarn box looked great! Good job!

  2. YAY for sending off the Yarnstorming box! Though, I still have to go through my stash a second time . . .

    And mmmm, all that fiber! Y'all certainly worked Very Hard on Friday!


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