We're Going Adventuring

A new week, a new chance to conquer the world. Or at least knock some things off the to-do list.

The weather has taken a definite downward turn - temps in the mid 80's and lows --get this-- in the mid 60's. Uh huh. And my immediate reaction is to get productive. It's getting easier to send my family off to their respective destinations and then turn around and attack something. The living room, the kitchen, the laundry, the piles of flotsam that have solidified into solid clutter landscapes around the house. Not fun, exactly, but the resulting clear head and energy boost it gives me to see clean surfaces in my house is exhilarating.

Then I have the super power necessary to move the farm adventure forward. It's high time to apply some planning power to the upcoming fall activities: Farm Crawl, Storytelling Day, various craft fairs, Kid N Ewe, etc. And Christmas. I really like to have a lot of my Christmas gift-making under way by now.

How about you? Does cool weather get you moving? Are you more inspired to pull the wool yarn out and knit? What colors do you reach for in this weather?

You knew this was coming - today I cast on for the "Crosspatch" hat that has been in my queue for a long time. I want to learn this mosaic knitting, and this seems like a wonderful practice project. Got the first 6 rows done and have immediately messed up the first pattern row. It's because I tried to talk and knit at the same time. And I didn't have my stitch markers handy to mark off the pattern repeats, so this first pattern row will get tinked back. No matter, I'm loving how easy it really is, chart and all.

I'll keep you updated on the harvest fiber as it inches its way closer and closer to the post office.

You, have a wicked fun Monday. The critters send their love.


  1. Yep, the cool, dry breeze has me knitting a double strand, handspun, charcoal/blue/black ski cap. Blizzard's comin' ya know! I'll be ready...


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