Calling it a Day

It's been a long week and a long weekend for us here at the farm. On the bright side, the creek behaved nicely and, for the most part, stayed in its banks and flowed down stream in an orderly fashion. The rain hasn't completely stopped, but the heaviest is over for a while. We'll be boot-sucking for a couple of days and then the black clay will begin to firm up again. It's the little things in life that are worth celebrating, right?

The white suri alpacas are not currently white, but I know a few dry days and we'll see that fiber shine once again in the sun. Temperatures have dipped pleasantly, and given us quite a nice break from the skin-crackling heat. Summer is fading away - welcome, Autumn! Don't be shy!

Tonight I'm going to make it a short blog evening and take a little knitting time. I've started decreasing the top of the gray and black mosaic hat, and I'd like to work on that a little before I collapse completely from chronic sleep deprivation. I'm very happy with the way the hat is coming out, and I'm bemused at myself for actually getting finished with a project I queued on Ravelry!

This week I hope to have more details worked out regarding our Storytelling/Spinning Day on October 17, and I'll let you know what we decide. And remember that this coming Saturday is the "Third Sat. Spin-In" at the Red Barn.

Y'all come.


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