Craft Attack

We're knee deep in the long Labor Day weekend, and after church today, I found myself unable to do anything but nap. This always blows a huge hole in the afternoon for me, but sometimes it can't be helped.

When I got back up and around, I was once again overcome with the compulsion to Make Something. I have several craft projects poised to be started, but my eyes fell on my newest acquisition: a baby blue Gap sweater I bought at the Salvation Army Store last week and felted in the washing machine. Cost: $2.70. I've made things out of felted sweaters before, so I had a good idea where to start. A sweater will yield several items, if you're careful about how you cut.

To begin, I cut off the sleeves to a length that would make nice fingerless mitts. Then, after trying one on, I decided where to cut part of the side seam for the thumb opening. (This sweater has a nice overall cable pattern, but the pieces are seamed together rather than shaped with the knitting. This actually makes it easier for me to cut the fabric, since it was obviously not lovingly hand knit.) I marked the space with pins and matched the other mitt so that they'd be about the same. I snipped the seam stitching between the pins on both mitts, and, voila. The edge where I cut the sleeve from the sweater will need some kind of finishing, but I haven't decided about that yet. The thumb hole could also use a bit of finish.

Next, I decided to make a hat out of the body of the sweater, taking advantage of the ribbing along the hem edge. I measured around my head (22.5" FYI) and cut a piece from the bottom of the sweater a bit longer than that, just for safety. I cut it to be about 8.25" tall just so I'd have some options when it came to designing just how this hat would be constructed and finished. Now, normally, I would hand stitch the side seam, but DD and I have been watching lots of video podcasts from Threadbangers, (hip indie crafters and upcyclers) and I have renewed confidence in, and inspiration for using my machine. A quick straight stitch and the side seam is done. After trying it on, I decided to keep the construction simple. I sewed straight across the top and made a simple squarish shaped hat. I'll probably fold down the corners and tack them to the crown. Another option would be to put tassels on the little points. Preferences?

So, the basic construction for both the mitts and hat are done, in very little time, and now I'll think a bit about finishing and embellishment. And there's still plenty of sweater left for even more projects. I like to make little bags and coffee cup coozies and anything else that needs some woolly adornment.

And yesterday I did promise to show how my dyed T-shirts came out. Here they are. I like them a lot better now.

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow. Don't labor too much, but if you get the itch, Make Something!


  1. What is it about Fall (and the very beginning glimmer of fall, here)? I always get that "I wanna make something" twitch around this time of year . . . as evidenced by all my big idea talk on Friday (none of which has come to fruition yet, of course).

  2. I love it! Craft attack! And as far as the hat, I vote for no tassels. Can you imagine walking around with those things flopping around your head?! May look cute in the photos, but in real life they would have to be nothing but annoying.

  3. Love your creations. I, too, did a lot of napping Sunday. Wow . . . what is it, the time of year, the change in the weather? I never got the urge to create though . . . too bad because I have lots I could be doing.

  4. Grandmatutu - fire up the hot glue gun! Christmas is coming! More crafts on the way...

  5. tassles, no question about it

  6. I agree with Lisa...go for the tassles! (Sorry Peggy). I love your ideas for thrift store sweaters. I'll have to make time to go do some scouring through my favorite thrift stores sometime I need any more projects!


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