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See what you guys started? One day with the Barn Mavins, and I broke into a bona fide Fiber Frenzy.

Everyone had gone home yesterday and I was alone in that spiffy-clean work space. Well, I got to looking around, pilfering in project bags, scanning the fiber bins, and came across several irresistable creations-in-waiting.

First, I resumed work on an acrylic novelty yarn scarf that's really drapey and soft, and once completed, represents 4 balls of yarn X-ed out of the stash inventory (two each of "Cache" and "Carmen"). Woohoo! For a craft fair? A teacher gift? It's all good.

Next, my eye fell on two center-pull balls of handspun mohair yarn in a dusty lavender color that have been languishing in the stash for years. I'm sure the original plan had been to ply them together, but Laurie's penchant for plying with a thin commercial mohair yarn is contagious, and I decided that this lavender mohair would ply beautifully with my own cone of thin, whispy mohair. That would make twice the yardage, all said and done. This is what happened:

The result - 220 yards of a feather-soft yarn (times two) that will make an outstanding light shawl or... who knows...

Finally, I picked up the deep apricot/pumpkin baby alpaca yarn and started a baby hat, just as an excuse to feel that kitten-soft goodness flow through my fingers. New babies are everywhere, so the project won't go to waste, and I'll get to enjoy this incredible stuff as long as the project lasts. I have enough yarn to make booties to match, or maybe a baby shrug - those are all the rage now.

Good enough to eat.

This is just another outburst of knitting and spinning fun that has been pent up for a while as I tackled other farm duties - animal chores, home maintenance, etc. It's great to cut loose once in a while!

How soon before we can do this again?


  1. Well, It won't be soon enough for me! I am still riding on the good time we had yesterday, and I haven't stopped spinning! That is REALLY gorgeous mohair yarn, Cindy.
    I can't wait to see a baby shrug. And it's good to see you are living out the meaning and purpose of your own fiber farm...."Fiber in the hands is worth 2 in the pasture." Yep, I made that up. Thanks to all who came Saturday, it was a blast!

  2. Terri8:19 AM

    Wow! I gotta get to that red barn gathering if it inspires like that! The mohair is just beautiful, Cindy.

  3. Gorgeous!! I love your mohair. Well, I'm up to a meetup anytime--especially since I missed out on Saturday. But I'll be ready, oh so ready, come October! Really looking forward to it.

  4. Mary - you were sorely missed!
    Laurie - it may rain Thursday, so we might have to knit or spin or something.
    Terri - next time you're in TX, please come by and see all the new critters and stuff!


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