Easy, Breezy, Get-Nothing-Done Day

I suppose that's a little harsh - we did get a couple of things done. Shareholder Chris came over to help me with some chores, but of course, we had to start with a review of the furry gang. After meeting Queen Esther, Chris took advantage of Eli's snuggly nature to give his face a scritch. The sheep she named returned the favor by leaning into her attentions and giving her that, "please don't stop" face. Awwww! So cute! He's still markedly smaller than his siblings, but uses his diminutive size to his advantage. Cheeky monkey.

Chris turned out to be an excellent poo raker, and we finished up the morning chores in no time. So I imposed on her to help me with a little halter work with the Suri boys. The weather is cooling, and it's high time for some training with these beautiful guys. We got the halters on them without too much trouble, but it's clear that they are not born knowing what to do once in the halter. We had a little bucking and pulling, but they eventually calmed down and stood still. They even managed to relax. That was a perfect place to end our lesson for the day. We'll do that for a while, until it gets totally boring for them, and then we'll move on to leading. And I will remember to bring treats. There's got to be some reward in it for them.

Chris brought me the cutest present - a chicken pin cushion. I'm in love with this little thing! Of course, our second thought after the "Awwwww" is "I bet we could make something like that." So we're working on our own version of this darling sewing tool. In our free time.

Instead of working up too much more of a sweat, Chris and I repaired to the Red Barn to catch up on some spinning and knitting. Chris is getting really good at her drop spindle, and I ended up pulling out the UFO (unfinished object) bin and adding a few rows to a hibernating baby sweater.

Then, somehow, hours passed and now it's blogging time followed by collapse-in-bed time. The cat, who has been spending more time indoors with us, likes to make herself comfortable near the blogging action. Seen here, the cat takes up her strategic position on the laptop case, in the event that I try to sneak off and have some fun without her. Not a chance.


  1. What IS it with cats and laptop cases? I have two cats, three cases and if they are left anywhere accessible, BAM, occupadio by cat. Of course, the large male Finn has developed a severe love of sleeping on my purse as well. So much so that I dug an old purse out to put on the bed as a decoy. He just LOVES his purse now. This is the cat that when as a rescued stray kitten would not go anywhere near the pink towels or rugs. Blue, green, red and black, no issues. But would just step around anything pink. And now he has his own purse.

  2. Sounds like you had a productive, good day! Glad the boys are getting used to the halter--it won't take long and it'll seem like second nature to them.


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