Farmersville Art Fest Fun

Spent today in the heart of Small Town Texas - at the art festival on the square in Farmersville. This yearly event draws a pretty good crowd, considering it's still on the warm side if you get stuck in the sun. I was really just tagging along with our pal, Mary Berry of Fancy Fibers. Mary has the super cool pop-up booth tent that makes craft fair days enjoyable. We always have fun at craft fairs - she cranks away on her antique circular sock knitting machine, wowing the shoppers with her speed and dexterity. We get to talk to people about fiber, spinning, knitting, our animals and this crazy life we've chosen. They are usually spellbound, and often buy our stuff. Good times.

I took a few knitted items to sell, and actually sold a handknit Jacob wool headband to a lady who owns Jacob sheep but doesn't use her fleeces! I'd say we need to correct that situation pretty quickly, don't you? Her sheep also came from St. Jude's Farm in Lucas (like ours did) so I know they are quality animals. We decorated the booth with Shareholder Laurie's traffic-stopping felted bags. The big felted and crocheted sunflowers would catch shoppers' eyes from across the street. These bags are handspun, handdyed, handknitted and felted, then embellished with needle felting, and lined. We're talking Art. It takes a special kind of discriminating shopper to pony up for one of these babies. They get petted and admired a lot by lesser pedestrians.

I passed out some fliers about the farm, but mostly, I got some fun, relaxing knitting time with my buddy. It's fun to watch her farm come to life with fiber animals - she's picking up three Shetland ewes from a gal in Missouri this weekend. Never does anything half-baked, our Mary. In for a penny, in for a pound, we always say!

Like a lot of street fairs around here, they had live music, fair food (I fell for the Kettle Korn), and lots of local vendors. Mary's booth was just across the street from Fiber Circle, a stuffed-to-the-gills yarn shop in an old historic building, owned by our friend Diane Piwko. Had to go in and see what was new. I found a new novelty yarn, quite reasonably priced, that I thought would make quick teacher gifts. It's called Pom Pom Parade, and it actually looks a little ridiculous. But a five stitch scarf works up kind of cool, lightning fast, and the stuff is very, very soft. "Cheap and Cheerful" is my motto. Especially since DD has seven teachers this year. Actually, two are men, so they probably won't get pom pom scarves. Probably. Maybe they'll get felt-covered pencil cans. Or chocolate.

Side fiber note: I actually used Rit dye for the first time last night. DD and DH were dyeing stuff for costumes (long story) and I asked for the leftover dye stock to dunk in a couple of white t-shirts of my own. I really don't like white shirts, so I've been looking forward to a chance to add some color to these. Here they are in the pot. I'll show you the finished shirts tomorrow.

Knit on, my friend!


  1. Those t-shirts in the pot look like something from CSI---ewww!
    And if you like kettle corn, I just recently got a yummy recipe for it from tipnut. I'll try to remember to bring some next Saturday.

  2. Too much TV, Peggy! Now I'm grossed out. The shirts actually came out nice.

    You have a recipe for Kettle Corn? Awesome! Haute cuisine in a down-home kind of way...


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