Field Trip to Fancy Fibers

Today across the country, alpaca breeders opened their ranches for folks to come out and learn about their gentle and regal creatures. Our friend Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm also opened her farm up to visitors, to meet not only her alpacas, but her broad spectrum of fiber fauna, and to tour her fun studio and barns.

I got a chance to visit with Mary, on camera, so I could share it with you:

I also snapped a few still shots around the farm:

Black angora wether, Antoine, joins Papa Ken in the golf cart.
DD thinks this is really funny.

Dove, the Shetland ewe, nearly swoons from
scritches on the chin.

It's mutual. She's so soft we can hardly stand it.
And so tiny, we want to put her in our pockets!

Mary and Terri cuddle two of the nine angora rabbits.

Our friend Rita gives an impromptu spinning demonstration
for farm visitors.

Mary is off to an awesome start. If you're in the Farmersville area, make an appointment to come by and see the place. It's inspiring! Watch for Mary at several local craft fairs this fall. She and I will be sharing a booth in Richardson at the Huffhines Art Trails show the weekend of October 24 and 25, and the Snowflake Bazaar in Plano on November 7-8. In the Hill Country area, look for us at the Kid N Ewe Fiber Festival in Boerne, November 13-15.

Fiber artists take note, Mary sponsors a great fiber retreat in Argyle in February with workshops, free spinning and knitting time, wonderful accommodations and great food. Check her website for all the details.


  1. Wow, this Mary is looking forward to meeting that Mary. I'm totally inspired. Love Antoine, too!!!

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Thanks so much for coming over, Cindy, and helping me tell everyone about our place and our fiber critters! It was a blast!

  3. Terri6:02 PM

    Hey! I didn't even know you snapped that picture. I was sure glad I got home in time to drop by and glad I happened to be there with you and Emma too. Great to see ya!

  4. Terri - you got some good ones, too. I just snap away and then see what I got when I get home ;-). We've enjoyed your photos from Colorado this summer. Glad to have you home and spinning with us again!

  5. What a great, fun day! So sorry I missed it all. Em, you are one great Goat herder!


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