First Day of Fall Comes in with a Bang

This year, summer is turning to fall with a bang, not a whimper - a huge rain storm with thunder and spectacular lightning, and cool air behind it. Except for the fact that I really need things to dry out for a while, the change of season will be greeted with excitement around here. We were all pretty much done with the hot weather.

The animals are sensing the change and feeling a bit frisky and mischievous. While cleaning out the alpaca pens, I turned around and noticed that Tommy had somehow discovered the catch rope and gotten his horns tangled up in it. Glad I was there to disentangle him or we could have had a bad situation on our hands.

The day was busy and eventful, but the tale will have to be told tomorrow. I'm really beat tonight. See you in the AM, friend!


  1. What a great picture of the lightening!

  2. Wish I'd taken it - it's a stock photo. I needed something to demonstrate how amazing it was last night!

  3. Well could have fooled me! LOL! All the photos that your daughter has taken have been this good!!


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