I See the Sun!

Ahhhhhhh. The sun has come out. What a glorious day. The temperature is down, the humidity is down, and I feel the beginnings of optimism returning. Also buoying my outlook are discussions DH and I are having about building the barn overhang, and other ideas to keep the mud from taking over. Here is the area I'd like covered with a roof:

See what I mean? It would be great to keep rain off of this very high traffic area. It's a project whose time has come.

Meanwhile, in the north pastures...

I ran out of hay this morning so I toddled off to the feed store, which was also out of hay. Dang. The sheep were really bellowing, so I was finally pushed into the job I'd been putting off - testing the new battery in the fence charger. I replaced the old battery and turned on the electric netting fence in the far-north lot, and let the sheep out into the tall green grass (and poison ivy DH wants gone). I sat with them for over an hour, to be sure they tested the fence and that it was working. They were so happy to find grass (nom, nom, nom), that it wasn't until I was leaving that I heard a noise, and turned in time to see Esther leaping away from the fence. Perfect - the fence is working, and Esther has gotten her education. Shadrach looked up as if to say, "Oh yeah, I meant to tell you about that..." and then went back to his brunch.

I lured them back to their regular paddock after a while so that they wouldn't overdo it on the lush grass and get bloated. I'll give them another session out there this afternoon, if it doesn't rain. It's a nice relief to know the fence is working.

That, plus a blissful cool breeze blowing over the meadow, drew a long sigh from this weary shepherd.

Poison ivy, our favorite!

It's hard to know where to start on all this lusciousness...

Soggy, bedraggled sheep enjoy some tall grass for a change.


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Love all of your pictures. Your alpacas look like mind - Black!! Hope Shad and Queen are doing well. Alpacamama


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