Joyful Day, Beautiful Night

The Barn was bustling with goodness today! Fun, fellowship, food and fiber. Beautiful yarn, tasty treats, silly stories, gorgeous projects, lots of laughs, old friends and new friends. Sweet memories, big plans, encouragement, recipes, tips and techniques, brags and giveaways.

If you missed it this month, I recommend you put next month's spin-in on your calendar - October 17. And next month's offering is especially exciting, with professional storytellers, food, music, plus all the aforementioned revelry. An awesome good time, that could be habit-forming.

And if a day full of joy wasn't enough, this evening coming in from my feeding chores, God gifted me with a lovely sunset...

And a big orb spider silhouetted against the evening sky. Catch those mosquitoes, Spidey!


  1. So wish I could have come--probably should have come late, but just was too exhausted after getting the dog to the vet. I'm jealous, but I'll be there next month for sure! We went to the Balloom Festival last night--it was awesome. I saw the same sunset you saw, and you're right, it was a beautiful, perfect evening!

  2. What a great day!!! (Laurie I hope your left foot isn't too burised!!) :O
    Can't wait until the next!


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