Just a Farm Minute...

A moment in the life of the Jacob's Reward sheep flock and its intrepid shepherd. It would have been longer, but the intrepid shepherd's memory card filled up.


  1. Oh no! We're left hanging to wonder - did poor Esther figure out how to make it to the lush north pasture or was she doomed to stay in the not so lush pasture? Would all the other sheep leave her to figure it out on her own or would they notice her missing and help her figure it out? Was shepherd intervention required? These and more questions to be answered (hopefully) in another addition of As the Farm Turns....

  2. Fear not, gentle reader - with loving shepherd-y intervention, Esther was happily reunited with the flock and enjoyed the benefits of the lush Northern Field.

    Thanks for asking ;-)

  3. Esther may be pretty, but she's not vewwy smart, is she? :)

  4. Y'know, Chris, I was thinking about this and I believe it was my fault - or rather, because I was standing in the narrow gate, she didn't want to have to run too close to me (still pretty skittish), so instead of coming through the gate, she tried to run around the other way and it didn't work for her.

    Or, she could just be a blonde.


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