Making Room for Chicks

We uncovered this button in the piles of stuff,
and the irony was not lost on us.

Most of you know that DH has been working on a new chicken coop so that we can raise the chicken population here on the farm. We'd like more eggs, and we'd like more bug eating power directed at the yard and pastures. (Since we've had the chickens, we've noticed a dramatic reduction in chiggers... once the bane of our summer existence.)

As he closes in on completion of the new coop, he asked me if we could get the chicks yet. The only thing standing in my way was that the back porch, where we keep the chick brooder, had become the junque collection spot, and I couldn't even get near the brooder!

So today, with the help of Laurie, her son, and our new friend Jennifer, we pulled stuff off of the porch, swept, threw away weather-damaged stuff, and worked our way down to the black plastic horse trough that serves as the home of all our baby chicks.

The wire mesh over the brooder keeps out furry varmints and the screening underneath it is designed to thwart snakes.
Ask me why I had to add that feature...

We made a ton of progress and now there are lots more clear square feet of porch space than when we started. The brooder is easily accessible and I've ordered our next batch of layers: 10 assorted Brahama pullets. Brahmas come in Buff, Dark, and Light, so we'll see what the hatchery sends us. I've been interested in these regal birds for some time so this is my chance to try them out. They are a bit slower to mature, but are very large birds with hens topping out around 9 pounds when fully grown. They lay medium brown eggs, have feathered legs, are good-natured, and are heat and cold tolerant. They are due to arrive around October 7, via the US mail.

Here's the brooder in full production from a couple of years ago.
There will only be 10 chicks in the new batch.

All this back porch organization delayed the Boxing of the Fiber, but that project is still top of mind since all the bags are stuffed in my tiny living room, demanding immediate attention.


  1. Terri9:17 PM

    Well, the fiber can wait another day. Gotta take advantage of that DH momentum when you can!

    Love chickens. Miss mine...

  2. OK - as of this evening, one box is taped shut (no small feat) and I think I can get all the other fiber into a second box tomorrow. I'm glad no one in the house was watching me, lying down on the bags to get the air out, and smooshing them into a box and taping the heck out of it until it looks more like a ball than a cube. The mail man will really get a kick out of me tomorrow.

  3. chicky chick chicks! I can't wait to see them!

  4. I can't wait to see the chicks!!! Awhhh! They are so adorable!

  5. What a gorgeous porch; more spacious than I remembered! What a great gift!! - workin' on the farm - jes' makes a city girl feel significant...

  6. I think maybe that yellow button was actually an identifying label that was just missing a hyphen: use-less stuff.

  7. Hee hee hee. Good one, Ted.


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