Mary Takes It All Off

Despite a steady and sometimes heavy rain, the Unsinkable Mary Berry got her seven Angora goats sheared at her farm in Farmersville today. I had a blast watching, photographing, and occasionally helping out. Our new shearer friend, Sarah, was there to spell Mary on the clippers and offer her far more experienced advice and support.

Mary has two wethers who are a few years old - these boys have been through the shearing thing before and didn't offer too much resistance. The five little goatlings, on the other hand, were completely new to this novel way to be tortured by humans, and a couple of them made their displeasure known to most of Mary's zip code. Wow, can those little kids bellow!

Mary also took care of trimming their nails and getting them weighed on her new digital scale, so that their spa experience would be complete. During the day, the three new Shetland sheep wandered in and out of the barn, attached together as a unit, it seemed. These are teeny-weeny sheep, and very wooly for being so young, and considering this is just September. Mary may take the clippers to them in the next week or two.

As it is, she has bags full of mohair fiber to sort and clean, and add to the collection of Fancy Fibers for which she's known.

Proud Mary


The Shetland sheep move as a unit...

The Shearing Team

"Tell me I'll live through this."


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Thanks again for all your good help and photography. It was a memorable and fun day!


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