The Most Generous Fiber Shepherd Ever

Baby mohair goats at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, May 2009

It's our friend, Susie Gibbs of the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. You've heard me sing her praises before, but this time, she's outdone herself. Susie is the queen of taking lemons and making lemonade. Here's her situation: she raises top quality mohair goats with a commitment not to ever sell them for meat, or sell them to someone who might use them for meat. Very nice. But when she breeds year after year, she eventually ends up with too many goats. What to do? She could spend lots of time trying to find another like-minded shepherd to sell them to, or.... SHE COULD GIVE THEM AWAY.

And that's what she's decided to do. In a nutshell, she's soliciting essays from people interested in winning this small starter herd, and she'll read and evaluate the stories that come in to pick a winner. The winner also gets an incredible run-in shed from a cool barn-making company. This way, she advertises her farm, finds good homes for her beloved goats, and increases the size of her "tribe" by about a hundred times. She is a genius. A softhearted, kittenheaded genius.

In case you're wondering, yes, I'd enter in a NY minute except we're really about out of space here at Jacob's Reward Farm, and besides, DH has expressly ruled out having goats on the place because of their need for very, very tight fencing. And as we all have figured out by now, my hands are happily full.

So, I'll wish everyone the best of luck, and may the best fiber-shepherd-to-be win. All the details are here:


Tomorrow: Another craft project idea as we approach the Season of Gift Giving. Hint: it involves a wooden bracelet and a map. Go handmade!!


  1. I cannot think of anything I'd rather have right now than a small herd of curly mohair goats! Really

  2. It's that passion for mohair/cormo yarn spinning, and your almost-empty nest! Are you ready to be a shepherd???

  3. Cindy, I considered entering and boarding them--at your place. tehehe--maybe not! Or I considered entering and giving them to you if you won. tehehe, again--maybe not! I think you're just right. BTW, the blister on my right hand JUST healed completely today, so I may be ready soon for another session with the poo! What thinks ye???

  4. Mary, you are so sweet. I can't tell you how hard it is for me not to enter. Soooo hard to say, "I'm full." I think there is a bit more room down on the alpaca end of the property, but not up on the sheep end.

    I'm so sorry you got a blister from raking!! Gloves, next time for sure. The pasture definitely needs another go, but (weather permitting) I told Mary Berry I'd help her shear her angora goats this Saturday. Hey, wanna come? I'd think the more hands the better!

  5. Oooo . . . that sounds like major fun!!! Let me see what Big Daddy has planned for the day. :O)


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