Party Eve

The Red Barn cleaned up and ready for company.

So excited. Tomorrow at about 10 AM the Red Barn will fill up with happy, clever, congenial knitters and spinners. I provide the room, the bucolic environment and a pot of coffee, and they bring the conversation, creative synergy and some snacks, and we have a party on our hands. The sun is forecast to come out and begin to dry up our sodden ground, but I fear the pasture will still be too wet to tromp around in. We may just wave to the critters from the safety of the Jeep. (Wild Kingdom joke. Remember poor Jim who had to wrestle the angry alligator while Marlin Perkins puffed his pipe in the vehicle?)

We've begun to bag up the alpaca and Jacob wool to send off to the processor. I really can't see why we won't have the roving fiber in the mail by week's end. Step by step. As I sit on the box forcing bags of vacuumed-sealed fiber inside for mailing, I will once again commit that next year, the fiber will get processed before summer hits. The charter shareholders are such patient and supportive guinea pigs, as I learn how to manage this glorious CSA model. Thanks and hugs to you all as we learn and grow.

This morning, I caught the Suri boys enjoying the rainless day and passing the time by biting each other. We haven't yet moved into the high-pitched screaming, neck wrestling, occasional blood-letting that older boys sometimes engage in. We have that to look forward to. Mmm hmmm. Then, it's off to Dr. Lane for the Big Snip. In the meantime, it's harmless play.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Were you directing that scene? I distinctly thought I heard "Exit stage left" there at the end! My boys are way beyond this. We're talking blood-curdling screaming, chasing, taking each other down by the leg, serious attempts at biting on the underbelly. At least they don't do it every day!


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