Photo Goulash

No big events here at JRFF today, so I thought I'd pull out some photos that I haven't had occasion to share to this point. Lots of juicy leftovers have been hanging out in the photo freezer. Time to defrost a few:

First, I just wanted to show you where I'm finding a big proportion of our eggs every day. I'm wondering if, now that the weather is getting more comfortable, we will find more eggs in the nest boxes in the future. I hope so; these yucca leaves are pokey, and add a certain degree of difficulty to the egg collection duties.

I really wanted to show you this picture when we came back from the O'Fallon, IL/Auxvasse, MO trip but didn't have the space. This is our friend Ann Mayes with her newest cria. This little girl gave her fits, as a premie who needed lots of extra care. I understand now that all is well and she is growing like a weed.

Then, a Maryland Sheep and Wool flashback. The yurt above was an incredible felt creation with additional wall hanging beauty adoring the walls inside and out. MDS&W is a convergence of so much wool and so many different fibers you just can't even imagine.

Some of the MDS&W wool is still on the hoof. Every year the same farm sets up a pen of new angora kids outside the barn where our Jacob Sheep Conservancy booth is. I almost always forget to get a picture of these little cuddle bugs. But I never miss a chance to fondle some mohair goodness as I come and go from Barn 4.

And finally, for now, here is another shot of Sarah the shearer who came and helped Queen Esther out of that nasty, stinky, heavy wool coat that was making her life less enjoyable when we found her. If this picture had scratch and sniff capability, you would regret taking advantage of it.

Well, that was fun.

Tomorrow is my regular spinning group day. I'll work more on the mosaic hat and take some spinning along as well. The house still needs quite a bit of organization effort directed at it (particularly the back room where chaos has distilled into an energy force). But a girl has to take a fiber break no matter the risk to public health.

Manana, amigas.


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