Tall Boot Days

I know, I know - we need the rain, blah, blah, blah. But I live on a creek, which rises with sudden and prolonged rain, and the animals and I get grumpy when we have to slog through mud. You've heard this before. So today, I tried to adapt my attitude and make peace with the precipitation.

It wasn't so bad. We only had one episode this evening of hard, hard rain with thunder and some scary-close lightning. It hit a round bale sitting in the pasture across the road, and set it alight for a few moments. But quickly, the pummel of rain put out the fire and left only a waft of smoke. Shook the house pretty soundly, though. Freaked out the dog.

Last night's rain left behind the expected puddles and boggy spots. (It's a good thing sheep don't felt in the rain.) Here are some sights that greeted me during my first round of feeding chores. With some browsers, you can click on the photos to enlarge them.


  1. Yeah, we definitely need the rain, but I gotta say, I'm glad I was out there shoveling last Friday instead of this one! ;)

  2. One of my dogs hid in the back corner of the hallway last night until I took pity on her and let her in the bedroom to hide under the bed. She hates the thunder. I enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of rain, but I wish the temps would drop another 10 degrees. I am ready for October temperatures!

  3. Terri7:55 AM

    Wow Cindy. that's a lot of mud! Keep up the good attitude. You know it'll change soon (the weather that is). Your pics are great.

  4. Oh, Cindy, you have had a lot of rain. We didn't get all that on our side of town, but we are getting it today. Hope you can dry out quickly.


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