Time For Your Meds

The sheep have been too long on one pasture, so they are getting a little wormy. Time to address this. Today our friend Cyndi Daugherty came over to help me dose my north flock with Ivermectin, an oral medicine that kills gut worms, theoretically. The worms parasitize the sheep and cause anemia, so in addition to the Ivo, the sheep got a shot of Geritol. It took our other friend, Laurie, calling around to local pharmacies and grocery stores to even find Geritol on the shelves. Too old fashioned, I guess. It's still called a "tonic" on the box. Hmmm. Maybe I could use a shot...

Our biggest sheep, Shadrach, thinks Ivo is the Elixir of the Gods, and he doesn't need to be convinced or coerced to drink the stuff out of the oral syringe. In fact, he sucks it down like there's no tomorrow. The other sheep, however, each have to be caught and strongly assisted in taking their medication. And they have no shame. They are all over me when I'm giving ANOTHER sheep the stuff, but when it's their turn, some of them act like they're being flayed alive.

Fortunately, it's over with quickly, and they then go about their lives like any other day, without holding a grudge. We had a gullywasher rainstorm tonight, but if it's nice tomorrow, I'll put the sheep out on the north-north lot, with the electric fence up to contain them. Lots of nice grass in that lot. Non-wormy grass, I hope.

BREAKING NEWS: We've been invited to help Mary Berry out on Saturday morning - she needs to get her 7 new angora goats sheared, and maybe the new Shetland sheep as well. If the weather holds. Sarah, who helped me with Queen Esther, will be helping Mary do the actual shearing. But there's lots to do when the fiber comes off. If you can come up to Farmersville early on Saturday, please let me know - contact me for directions to her place. You are so generous to me with your time - I bet we could do the same for Mary. Want to lend a hand? E-mail or call me.


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