All's Well that Ends Well

We wrapped up the Huffhines Art Trails show this evening with lightning beginning to appear on the horizon. There are thunderstorms popping up all around us and they say we'll have rain for the next 36 hours or so. But we made it home and got unloaded without getting wet. Bonus.

The day was beautiful again, and we met lots of wonderful folks who took home treasures from our booth. I did venture down the sidewalk a little ways to see a potter couple who had lovely, nicely-priced things. I had to pick up a modest selection, to support other independent artisans, don't you know. But then, I didn't even venture out to see all the other incredible offerings up and down the sidewalk from us. I didn't dare.

Again, Mary and Laurie wowed the crowds and taught shoppers a lot about yarn craft from bygone days to the present. I met quite a few folks who are interested in coming to visit the farm and perhaps join our shareholder community. That's my favorite part.

And kettle corn.

A seriously satisfying day.

When I got home, I had an e-mail from our friend Liz, that the farm was featured on Alta's cooking blog. Alta worked like crazy to post this really special entry about egg dishes, and about the farm (blush) where she gets her eggs. It's really special, and I'm honored to be part of it. See it here. These recipes look almost too good to eat, but I just might have to give them a try - the simple ones, anyway. Thanks for your enthusiastic support, and friendship, Alta!

As always here at the farm, we're looking forward to the next adventure - next Sunday, our fiber processors, Lynn, Jim and Deanie (Spinderella's Fiber Mill) will be here to visit the farm and drop off the 2009 fiber harvest. I'd love for friends of the farm, and particularly shareholders, to come by and meet the Snells and get a peek at the Share fiber. I'll have more details this week, but think mid-afternoon.

In the meantime, keep your tall boots and slicker handy, and have a great week!


  1. What a great ending to a wonderful weekend: sprinkles and lightning show all the way home! Now, where DID I pack that pottery last night?
    Thanks, Cindy, for all your hard work in the booth! Let's find some more kettle corn soon...

  2. Hi Cindy, love seeing what you are busy doing. How I wish I would get the chance to meet Jim and Lynn in person!!! Can't wait to see your new treasures ;)

  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Yay - thanks for talking about my post! :) And suddenly I have a strange hankering for kettle corn. Mmmm...


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