Fall is Breaking Upon Us

...and it's a very good thing. There are several big events coming up in the life of the farm, most of which I cover in great detail on the new podcast episode, so give it a listen if you get a minute.

The fall temperatures keep showing up and giving us more reasons to get excited about being outdoors. The coolness came in last night with a brief but powerful storm that was stronger than I realized. It rained hard with lots of lightning for about 30 minutes and then it faded away--no big deal. But when I came out to feed the animals this morning, I was greeted by lots of evidence of a Big Wind: a large branch pulled down out by the grill, the dog igloo (uninhaited) blown over and into a fence, the lid to the sheep feed can blown off, the big chicken tractor door blown open (all chickens accounted for), etc. But no serious damage.

And glorious sweatshirt weather in its wake.

Tomorrow should be just as nice. I have a new spinning student coming in the morning. Another fiber enthusiast I'm excited to meet. It'll be spinning and fiber-ing on a cool autumn morning. Thank you, Lord.


  1. Terri9:50 AM

    Love these fall asters! I think they are my favorite of all the plants that Linda put in our landscape. Glad you didn't have major damage from the storm.

  2. Beautiful photo--hope you don't mind, but I put it on my desktop. Love the color-so pretty. It's been a sleepy, lazy, rainy Sunday--had a great nap, did some knitting, got laundry done, read some more of New Moon. Just a nice day all around. Looking forward to a great week. Hope yours is perfect too!

  3. Hi Mary - no, I don't mind. I love the asters like Terri. The purply-blue is almost glow-in-the-dark as the sun goes down. And a great spot of fall color.

    Slow day here, too. The damp always does that. I wonder how much more rain we'll get this week?


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