I'm Going to Faint

I just got off the phone with Lynn at Spinderellas, who gave me the most awesome news: she and her family will be in Plano at the end of the month for a dog show (they raise gorgeous Briards) and not only will we be able to meet them in person, but


Yes, my friends, Lynn is going the extra mile for us, and I will have your roving by the last weekend in October. (For our non-local shareholders, please add a few days for mailing.)

I'm thinking that this calls for some kind of special get-together for all of us, perhaps on that Saturday, but we need to see how her dog show schedule shakes out before we set anything in stone. Her special-needs son, Deanie, loves animals, and I think we need to show him a good time meeting all the furry gang, don't you? I'll let you know how all the details begin to firm up, closer to the day.

Believe in miracles much? I do.


  1. WOWIE, that was fast!

    I think we definitely need to have some sort of fiber party . . . though that last Saturday in October is also Halloween (might put a crimp in some of our schedules).

    YAY! Fiber!

  2. Halloween doesn't really come into play for me, (as much as I love crimp :-) but it might with some folks. Lynn's schedule is the real limiting factor, so we'll have to go with what she has free. More info as it becomes available.

    Regardless, the fiber is on its way!!

  3. That is great news!!! And, we possibly will get to meet her too??!!! Fantastic!

  4. Great news! That would be great to meet her. I have talked to her too.


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