It's Almost Here!

The alpacas think that chicken bedding looks suspiciously like their breakfast.

The big party is day after tomorrow. Excited!! Still lots of details to attend to, but today we got the grounds tidied up with a bit of mowing, a bit of straightening, and some critter maintenance that needed doing. The day started out warm and muggy, and then quickly turned cold and overcast. Felt very good. Finally, the sun came out in all its glory. Amazing.

Laurie returns from taking clean chicken feeders out to the tractors. Alpacas mill about, supervising.

Our Laurie, and her son Hayden came over today to help the old shepherd move some electric fence, clean out some chicken coops and clean up some little messy spots around the place. They worked tirelessly for several hours and it really looks nice!

Laurie and Hayden clean a plastic crate that serves as a chicken nest box. They get fowl. ;-)

I've separated the Jacob sheep and the alpacas. This will make our feeding routine much easier. However, it confused the chickens something fierce. They cannot work their little chicken minds around the fact that their tractors are both over on the other side of the electric fence (there's no juice to it at the moment). When they get confused, they head for the barn and hope for the best. I had to physically move the Buff Orpingtons to their proper place. I hope this gets easier for them over the next few days. I really do.

Hayden takes fresh shavings to the front yard chickens to refresh their quarters.

Tomorrow the tents and tables go up, and the "Spinning Yarns" event begins to take shape. I really hope you can come. We will rock the house... I mean, the yard.


  1. Can't wait!! Stew, Cornbread, Fiddle Music, Storytelling, SPINNING, and more.... My feet and hands are tired, but there is NOTHING like a good, hard day's work on the farm. Not anything. See y'all Saturday!

  2. Man, I would have given anything to have been out there with you guys instead of this highrise in the middle of downtown!!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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