Last Preparations for the Big Party

It's really here! I cannot wait. I'm restless and fidgeting. How many more hours? I've gotten tons of RSVPs, and lots of promises of great food coming as well. This is going to be awesome!

More details fell into place today and I was visited by two more lovely angels and their beautiful daughters. My friend Jennifer and her daughter Claire came, as well as my friend Donna and her wonderful twins Deborah and Elizabeth, and we all put our backs into it, in the garden, the grounds and the picnic site.

Jennifer, Donna and I worked on cleaning up the garden both for aesthetics and for function. I wanted it to look nice for the party, and I really want to get a few fall crops in before the cold weather closes in. We hope to get the rest of the garden perking over the winter so that it's ready for spring crops next year. That one job was a back-breaker, but it feels so nice to have it well under way.

One of our obstacles was a giant ant hill that, like thousands of others that have popped up all over the city, is evidence of the wet ground that forces ants to the surface. This one is easily 18 inches tall.

The girls helped me put some mums in pots around the property to brighten it up for tomorrow's shindig, and beyond.

The holy port-a-potty showed up right on schedule, and will assume a position of honor right inside the farm gate, for your convenience.

Finally, we turned our attention to the much-assembly-required canopies that will give us a bit of shade tomorrow as we enjoy a gorgeous fall day here in North Texas. Most of the mud has dried up and I expect the weather to be top notch--ordered special just for our big day. (Don't make fun of the sunburn I got today as we worked, completely oblivious to the consequences of the warming rays that made the day so beautiful.)

In case you need the details again, we'll start around 10 AM and go until 2 PM or until we are really finished. Fiddle player George and storytellers Peggy and Gene are anxious and ready to help us party hearty in an old west kind of way.

Did I mention how excited I am?


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