Perfect Day for a Fall Craft Fair

We allow no moss to grow under our feet here at Jacob's Reward Farm. Riding high on last weekend's picnic success (putting it mildly) we blast off tomorrow down the road to Richardson, TX for the Huffhines Art Trails craft fair. This is a pretty up-town craft fair - definitely not your grandma's church bazaar. My friend Mary Berry and I did this show last year and had a great time. We had fairly decent sales, and enjoyed a beautiful day outside, visiting with folks and knitting. Mary brings her sock knitting machine and draws a crowd. She usually sells a nice bunch of custom socks.
This year, Laurie will also be with us, along with her gorgeous finished items to sell. And again, the weather is supposed to be perfect. This evening we did most of the booth set-up, serenaded by a local band playing Chicago covers. We'll put the finishing touches on the booth first thing in the morning.

When I got home this evening, I discovered that the Suicidal Ninnies had reached the developmental stage where they begin to attempt escaping their confines. A couple had almost succeeded. Trouble is, when they get out, they have no access to food, water, or warmth. Suicide. It was time for a new arrangement. I am using the bottom of a large guinea pig cage from the garage, surrounded by tall poster board walls. It will have half a top of chicken wire, and the the other half of the top will be more poster board, to thwart further escape attempts.

I combined the two groups of chicks back together, and there were fierce skirmishes between the two groups of chicks who are strangers to each other. Chickens don't like strangers - that "pecking order" thing is for real. I think they'll settle down before long and meld into one happy flock, seeing as how they're not even three weeks old. Peace reigns once more.

And now, to bed. There is a lot to do tomorrow morning before I can scoot off to Richardson. If you're in the area, I'd love to have you come by - we're easy to find, very close to the food court. Look for Mary cranking away on her sock knitting at the front of the booth, and Laurie spinning in the back. Me, I'll have some knitting to busy my hands between customers.


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