Potty Animal

We always do things first class here at Jacob's Reward Farm. So for Saturday's upcoming super colossal rootin'-tootin' jamboree, we're getting a very awesome.... Port-a-Potty.

Oh sure, there'll be world class food, top drawer storytelling, and Nashville-worthy fiddle playing. But I don't want anyone to miss the fact that this five star farming venture provides only the very best in sanitary facilities. Alert the media.

And I am getting more and more excited about Saturday. The rain stopped early today, ahead of the forecast, and they say it shouldn't rain overnight. Chances of any rain tomorrow are not overwhelming, and Thursday and Friday should be clear. We could actually be in the drying-off stages.

No one will be happier than the sheep who, I believe, have barnacles growing between their toes.


  1. All I can think of when I see that mud is how happy Paisley would be to get at it.

  2. Hee hee, Jackie - she wears her mud so well!

  3. Cindy, so what are the details for Sat.? time? directions? Sounds like much fun.

  4. Kay - we'll go from 10-2 with free food, storytelling, live fiddle music, and farm tours. Bring your knitting or spinning, a chair, and a side dish if you wish (not required). We're at 4308 Church Lane in Parker (Allen) 75002 for Google. In the right margin you can sign up for our farm newsletter and then I can keep you in the loop for all the farm happenings! I hope you can come!


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