Relaxed and Refreshed

I'm back from my weekend retreat, and I have to show you the fun place we usually enjoy in Glen Rose: Country Woods Inn. I think we've held our retreat there four years now, and it's getting to feel more and more like a home away from home. I enjoy their animals (who I don't have to feed or maintain), the countryside, the cutesy decor of the cabins, and the darling little chapel in the woods. See what I mean:

The ladies who planned the retreat - the study, the food, the accommodations - did such a great job. Deeper friendships were forged again through our faith. During our free time I got to crochet in peace on the patio with a brisk breeze and a fat black and white tom cat keeping me company. I had time to contemplate and recommit to the vision for the farm as a place to offer the fiber community not only the bounty of the wool products, but also as a place to build meaningful relationships. I do hope that if you haven't had a chance to come out and visit the farm, that you'll take advantage of one of the many upcoming events. I'm here for you!

Now, this week, it's all about Saturday's picnic, "Spinning Yarns: Stories and Music of the Old West." The name of this event keeps getting tweaked, but you get the jist. Please come, invite your friends, and give me a quick heads up about the numbers coming, so that we have enough stew in the pot.

I really hope you can join us for the big cowboy jamboree! Bring your knitting, spinning, or other handwork, and a comfortable outdoor chair. Some folks are bringing side dishes, which is just lovely, but not required.

Y'all come!


  1. Peaceful and renewing. That's what retreats are for--sounds like yours was perfect. Glad you're back and recommitted. Really looking forward to Saturday.

  2. I love the picture in the chapel. The lighting for the cross is great! Glad you had a good relaxing weekend.


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