Selling Like Hotcakes

Laurie and I had a fantastic day at the Huffhines Art Trails craft fair today. Sweet Mary, not as much. We started with a bang - lots of customers shopping for Christmas put a big dent in our inventory early in the day. It really helps that Laurie is out front with her spinning wheel, drawing a crowd, and Mary is right across from her with her antique sock knitting machine, drawing another crowd! Those two ladies were having quite a time entertaining the fair-goers with their wondrous machines!

When folks wandered into the booth, I greeted them and helped them with their purchases. A well oiled machine we were. Except Mary needed a couple of parts for her machine that somehow didn't make it into her basket. And for some reason, these fair-goers were not much into custom-made socks. (There's no accounting for taste!) After a frustrating day, Mary decided that her time would be better spent working with her new goats; some of them need shearing and manicuring desperately. She'll be back again tomorrow, to visit with the Sunday crowd and take orders for luscious socks.

As usual, Ms. Laurie will come out the big winner in this show - her felted bags, scarves, hats, etc., always steal the show, they are such works of art. A couple of shoppers even talked Laurie out of some of the handspun yarn she had brought along in a basket just for decoration! (Her incredibly beautiful handspun!)

Hopefully, all the sock shoppers will come tomorrow and keep Ms. Mary busy taking orders.

There are other fantastic artists there at the show, and I'm almost afraid to venture out, for fear I'll be tempted to spend more than I make. And for lunch I had a gyro sandwich almost as good as the ones I get at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Awesome.

Laurie and I both commented on what a glorious day it was - almost as wonderful (weather wise) as last Saturday. Our booth is right across from the bandstand, and today they had a really good lineup of live musicians, which added to the festive feel. Music, sunshine, cool breeze, new fans of our handiwork, new friends for the farm, knitting in the shade, relaxing with good buddies.

A slice of heaven.

So come out tomorrow and see Mary for a pair of custom knit socks. Pick out your yarn from her extensive collection and tell her your shoe size. Then stand back and wait for the magic to happen. Christmas is coming. Just sayin.


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I always get a kick out of how many MEN are fascinated with the sock machine. They are all about marveling over the mechanics of it while their wives are shopping for goodies in the booth!

  2. Aw, I wish I could come out, but my willpower is thinner than my wallet!

  3. Chris - I know what you mean. I miss you, sweetie - time to come out for a farm visit. Jest get here!

  4. Mary, we demo spinning wheels about 80% of the time for the men and young boys who wander by our booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Guys can't resist machines. Sorta like us and fiber! Mmmmmmmmm.....

  5. Hee hee! I was one who talked Laurie out of some beautiful handspun she had out for show and feel...thanks so much Laurie! I am thinking of wonderous ways to use it. Cindy, I'm glad you posted about the fair, glad I read the blog first thing Saturday morning and glad I decided to drive the 40 miles across town to partake. It was a wonderful art fair and I plan to go back next year.

  6. And thank YOU, Anna! What a joy to have someone love the stuff I make. Thank YOU, Cindy, for such wonderful blogging, photographing, befriending, teaching, farming,.....What fun is was!!

  7. Anna - thank you so much for coming by and saying hi (and shopping!). And thank you so much for the Yarn Storming bag of goodies! It's high time to put another box together. Like many charities, I'm sure they get a large influx early and then it fades away. I'm glad we can give them another shot in the arm. (In the "yarn?") Hope you can come by the farm again soon!


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