...Seriously, I'm Out the Door...

Finished packing and wanted to show you some pictures of what it looks like here after a good rain. Make that, after days and days and days and days of rain. This isn't the worst flooding we've seen, thank God, but it does indicate that the ground has soaked up just about all the water it can, thank you very much, and it will now overflow.

The creek kept moving fast, and after reaching the level of the back fence, the rain subsided and the water level is beginning to recede. The sheep pen is really wet. The creekside alpaca pen is underwater, but the stalls are high. Wet, but not underwater.

I think we've done this enough times to know that it will keep happening and a solution is in order. I'll be cogitating on that really hard this weekend. Tired. Of. It.

OK - the worst is over and I can leave for the retreat with some peace of mind. See you Sunday!


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