Stern Resolve

I'm so glad I got that little respite from my daily grind this past weekend. Lord knows I needed it to face this week. Not the prospect of an incredible Saturday farm event--that's a Very Good Thing. No, my current challenge is the weather.

I've joked all year when the rain comes and I gripe about the mud, and presently it dries up and becomes a pesky memory. But for over a month, the incessant rains have conspired to make the farm a huge, huge mess. I'm concerned about the soundness of the animals' feet in this near-constant wetness. I'm concerned about the parasite load. I try to learn from the set up at other farms - how do they cope? How do other farmers make their animals comfortable and their workdays efficient under these conditions? And what changes can I make incrementally so that it is affordable and solves our problems?

All these questions have been swirling around in my head for a long time. Ted and I talked about some options and I hope to have some specific plans very soon. Having a definite plan helps me stay the course in the interim.

Tonight, the rain is forecast to return, and continue throughout the day and into the next day. The sheep's rain shelter is ankle deep in mud and, um, ick. So in the pitch black night, aided by a flashlight, Ted and I took the PVC hoop house (formerly a chicken shelter), covered it with a new tarp, and moved it to the driest spot we could find in the paddock. Tomorrow, I'll try to give them some time in the north lot, though there is not currently any rain protection there. It's just the highest, driest spot (no standing water) I can provide for them.

Our mowing fellow was scheduled to come in the morning. He won't be able to use his big equipment, but maybe he'll be able to use his line-trimmer around the yard and tidy it up just a bit. And I am praying hard that we have dry enough ground to enjoy the picnic on Saturday. We'll work it out. Somehow. We will.


  1. We'll all bring a bale of hay and commit to returning in a few weeks to rake it up. I think it's supposed to be dry Thursday anda Friday--certainly that will be enough to dry things up--do you think? I don't know about you, but I'm wearing my boots (no white for me) and will have a great time. I pulled out my red plates last night--I'm not sure I've ever used them-tehehe-but I only have 10 of them.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    They are forecasting a few dry days soon. I hope this holds out. We'll wear our galoshes on Saturday, just in case!

  3. Yes, I'm totally counting on it not being too rainy tomorrow, and then having at least 2 dry days before Saturday. We'll still have puddles, but hopefully the worst will be gone. We're plowing ahead, regardless.

    I just rented a port-a-potty, so we'll have all the comforts without breaking my poor little septic system.

    It is going to be a blast.


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