Stormy Weather

...keeps rainin' all the time...

Last Thursday a dramatic cold front moved in with high winds, lightning and rain. We could see it coming a mile away, and DD got some nice pictures.

This coming week, there's lots more rain in the forecast. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. Much.


  1. What's your definition of "much"?

  2. Well, hopefully the rain coming this week won't be as dramatic as the storm Thursday. I really thought we weren't going to get much of it, but our electricity blinked out for a few minutes, it was so strong. Thankfully, though, no hail, just wind and rain. And it disappeared almost as quickly as it came. Tell DD that those pics are awesome - I'm a sucker for good photos of storms.

  3. Well, last Thursday, as the storm was rolling in, my stomach decided it HAD to have teriyaki, which meant driving the OPPOSITE direction of home into the approaching storm. I sat in the car and ate my teriyaki while it rained, then drove home to find it didn't rain a drop in the mid-cities area. So, no whining! :=) Great pictures though!

  4. Anna - where do you get teriyaki???? I was craving it the other day. Haven't had good teriyaki since I left Hawaii 34 years ago!


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